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3 Zodiacs With Mysterious Auras

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These three zodiacs have a mysterious pull to them, a deeply enchanting and magical lure that makes you want to figure them out.

Here are three zodiacs with the most mysterious auras.

1. Scorpio

You can’t talk about being mysterious without mentioning Scorpio. This secretive and ever-elusive water sign keeps everyone at an arm’s length until they’ve proven themselves as 100 percent trustworthy. And even then, there is always something more to discover about Scorpio. Scorpio has a profound inner world, one that is always swirling with strong emotions and endless passion. It would take a lifetime to figure Scorpio out (and many will attempt to do so).

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2. Pisces

Pisces is as mystical as they come. This enigmatic water sign has their head in the clouds and is difficult if not impossible to pin down. However, no one would ever want to clip Pisces’ wings because it’s their dreamy nature that makes them everything they are (and is ultimately what makes Pisces so very alluring in the first place).

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3. Aquarius

Aquarius has a unique way of living, one that most people will never fully grasp or understand, and it’s Aquarius’ different approach to life that draws everyone close to this air sign. Aquarius does have a bit of a reputation for being a walking contradiction, but that’s also what keeps others following their every step. After all, there is something very inspiring about Aquarius’ disinterest in being defined as one thing. It makes others want to chase their own interests with reckless abandon, too.

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