Zodiac Signs

3 Zodiacs With Irresistible Natural Magnetism

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These signs have an unparalleled magnetism and alluring charisma which attracts everyone to them.


The femme fatale of the zodiac, siren Scorpios usually have a piercing and smoldering gaze that peers through the depths of your soul, beautifully sharp facial features, and luxurious hair. As a Scorpio, you have sexual tension with just about everyone. Your favorite bartender, barista, your professor, your neighbor, your personal trainer – they’re all mesmerized by you and you sense that there’s some underlying heat and passion in every conversation. You can’t help it, you naturally exude sensual energy. You can also make anyone submit to you through the power of your presence alone. Not only are they physically alluring, the dark and mysterious personality of a Scorpio is captivating and they evoke positive changes in the lives of others, influencing people without even trying. Scorpios also have a penchant for pissing people off – in a good way. That’s because they’re authentic and wild by nature, unfiltered by societal expectations. They speak the truth even when people don’t want to hear it and they bow down to no one. They are bold and unafraid of going through the cycles of figurative death and rebirth – so they inspire transformation in everyone who comes across them. You’re intimidating and dominating – and people secretly love being put in their place by you, even though they’d never admit it.

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Sagittarius has a unique joie de vivre that is hard for anyone to replicate. They are the embodiment of cheerful, optimistic “Lucky Girl Syndrome” combined with unpredictable boldness. Leather jackets or pink stilettos? Sagittarius can do both and this is why people are naturally drawn to this feisty, multifaceted sign. Their vibes are badass yet warm and sparkly. Everything always seems to go their way – and you hope that just by getting close to them, the universe may start to conspire in your favor, too. Sagittarius placements are seductive in their playfulness and flirtatiousness, exuding an effortless confidence and sense of adventure that captures everyone’s attention. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius placements are always abundant in endless fortuna; they exude positivity and leave a magical imprint on everyone they meet, inspiring everyone to chase their dreams in reckless pursuit. At the same time, they are philosophers who are always searching for truth: their bluntness, inquisitiveness, sharp intellect, and ability to see through the masks of others gives them an edge that can be very sexy.

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Libra placements often bear a youthful appearance or exuberantly youthful energy and are the epitome of grace, charm, and elegance. Libra placements overall are gentle, easygoing, and affectionate, making them instantly likable to others. Libra risings in particular are characterized by delicate, symmetrical features and a glowing complexion. Fair-minded Libras move through the world with a free-spirited, high-vibration laden charisma and diplomacy that creates harmony and peace wherever they go. It’s difficult to stay away from a Libra grounded in their power and emotions because they will inspire you to do better and be better just by example. Governed by the planet Venus, Libra is filled with balance, love, beauty and glamour. These are the ethereal fairies of the Zodiac.

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