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3 Zodiacs With Deep, Dark Thoughts

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Scorpios have a natural inclination towards the dark and divine. Their energy can be quite intense for people who don’t know them, however, this is solely because their minds are a deep well of thought. When cleansing off the day, their minds can unravel and let loose all of the heavy thoughts that have been popping up at inopportune times. Scorpio, let your shower be a time to reset your mind, purge those weighty thoughts that plague you, and refresh your spirit before stepping out and drying off.

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Often working as a blessing and a curse, Aquarius individuals are inherently stressed about the state of our society and world. While this humanitarian nature and genuine desire to improve our planet can work in their favor (pushing them to careers they love, inspiring people around, making a change in their community and beyond, etc.), it can also work against them. In the quiet, calm of a shower, their minds cannot seem to stop turning and they find themselves spiraling down the drain like the water running over them. Aquarius, try to recenter yourself before stepping out. Remember, you’re doing all that you can each day; you’re only one person. Give yourself grace.

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One of the most intelligent of all zodiac signs, Geminis have a natural tendency to overthink. When they step out of their busy, distracting life into their quiet, peaceful shower, their mind can become their demise. Confident Geminis grow self-conscious when showering as it becomes a place where they can re-analyze every interaction they’ve had throughout the day. Gemini, use this time as a chance to breathe and untether your mind from the experiences you’ve had throughout the day. Let the dark shower thoughts release and recompose who you are.

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