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3 Zodiacs Whose Strong Work Ethic Is Ruining Their Love Life

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Having a strong work ethic is a wonderful thing (until your career literally becomes your entire personality and your only source of fulfillment and identity). And for these zodiac signs, that struggle is all too real.

Here are three zodiac signs whose strong work ethic is ruining their love life.

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1. Capricorn

Capricorn is the most career-motivated of the entire zodiac. This ambitious earth sign is truly dedicated to their work and finds great fulfillment is professional achievement and growth. However, this can leave very little room in Capricorn’s life for other things that are just as important, including love and relationships. Capricorn needs to work on work-life balance so they can have a life outside of the office. While work is important, it definitely isn’t everything. (Nor should it be.) Love matters, too.

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2. Virgo

Virgo is another hardworking earth sign with a strong desire to be the best of the best at everything, especially work. Coupled with their meticulous ways, Virgo often ends up being a major perfectionist when it comes to their job. This means long hours and overcommitting to tasks for the sake of looking good to their boss (and at the expense of their love life). Virgo is usually so burnt out by the time Friday rolls around, they don’t even consider opening a dating app. Virgo needs to learn when done is good enough so they can invest in other areas of their life (like love).

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio is intense, determined, and passionate about their career. Scorpio will do whatever it takes to reach their career goals and succeed. However, Scorpio can use their ambitions as a defense mechanism and a distraction from pursuing romance. After all, Scorpio has major trust issues when it comes to relationships. At times, Scorpio would rather just throw everything they have into work rather than risk getting their heart broken. While Scorpio’s strong worth ethic is something to be admired, they also need to realize that they have a lot of love to give (and it would be a shame to never at least try to put it somewhere).

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