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3 Zodiacs Whose Next Life Chapter Is All About Karma

When it comes to karma, it’s all about the energy that you put into the world. Unlike fate, which is largely out of your hands, you control the kind of karma you get in return. Do good and good things will come your way. Be bad and everything will go wrong for you. For the following three zodiac signs, you’ll be entering your next life chapter with karma following you. You get to decide how it goes.


You’re often a whirling dervish of chaos, making decisions on a whim and picking the adventurous or surprising option when given a choice. And because of the twin nature of Gemini, you sometimes knowingly make the wrong choice. For your next life chapter, some of the karma you’ve been dodging will come to find you. Hopefully you’ve been chill enough that only good things will come your way. You can facilitate good karma by leading with positive energy as you enter your new life chapter.


You either love the idea of karma and make choices with that in mind, or you hate the idea of the world being interconnected like that. Is the world just a series of random observations, or does the energy you put out come back to you in kind? During you’re next life chapter, you’ll find out what the answer means to you. You’ll start to see the way your past connects to your present and future, how your actions inform what happens next. And if you do good, then you’ll be happy with those results.


You like to be the master of your own destiny, which is why the idea of fate is a no-go for you. Before you shrug away from the idea of karma too, just know that it isn’t as set-in-stone as fate. You can control the type of karma you receive. So in your next life chapter, as you explore new and interesting ways to lead your life, keep karma in mind. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated and everything should work out just fine.

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