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3 Zodiacs Who Won’t Tell You When Something’s Wrong In The Relationship

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The easiest way to overcome a problem in a relationship is to tell your partner how you’re feeling — but that’s easier said than done. Some people have a hard time opening up about their feelings because they don’t want to cause drama or be a burden. Here are some zodiacs who will probably make you guess what’s wrong in the relationship instead of coming right out and telling you:

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Cancers can be passive aggressive at times. They will give you the silent treatment and throw around the word fine when they’re anything but fine because they’re hoping that you will put two and two together. They’re hoping that the problem can be resolved without a long, emotional conversation. This sign doesn’t want to come out and say that they’re upset because they’re used to putting other people’s feelings ahead of their own and keeping the peace. However, they’re hoping that if they hint at their true feelings enough, you’ll be able to guess what’s wrong and fix it. Cancers aren’t trying to annoy you by keeping their emotions a secret. They just have a hard shell and have a hard time opening up. They have a hard time believing that anyone actually cares what’s wrong. They just want someone to ask, or pay close enough attention to notice on their own.

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Aquarius have trouble talking about their feelings and usually show their thoughts through actions instead of words. Instead of letting you know that something is bothering them, they might retreat (emotionally and physically) instead. They might give you one-word answers and act like they’re busy to avoid spending time with you. This behavior can be incredibly confusing when you aren’t sure what you’ve done wrong. Even though an Aquarius could walk up to you and clear things up, it would take an emotional toll on them. Plus, it could get awkward. They feel like they’re saving you the trouble by keeping their real feelings inside, when really, it could end up pushing good people away. Hurting you is never their intention, but sometimes it’s the end result anyway.

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You might think that a Pisces would come right out and admit what’s wrong because they are so in tune with emotions. However, they don’t want to cause any stress to the people they love. They don’t want to be the reason why someone else sheds a tear. They would rather suffer silently than admit what’s bothering them because they don’t want to cause any tension or arguments. However, since their emotions are pretty easy to read on their face, others will sense that something is wrong. And when a Pisces keeps things locked up anyway, it can create distance and tension anyway. It’s best for this sign to admit how they’re feeling since they would want others to be honest with them if the roles were reversed, but it’s hard for a Pisces to feel like they’re putting their needs above someone else’s. It’s hard for them to cause conflict, even when it’s necessary.

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