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3 Zodiacs Who Will Reap Abundance During Libra Season

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It sometimes seems like we wait for Libra season all year long. There is something uniquely awe-inspiring about the scenery, leaves ablaze along country roadsides, and the cozy knit sweaters coming out of hibernation. It’s comforting to be able to bid farewell to the long, lazy days of summer and wear your leather jacket for the first time in months.

Libra is, of course, all about beauty and harmony. But beneath the Venusian aesthetics, there is another, quieter benefit to Libra season: it is a time when we are able to celebrate and enjoy the luxurious things we worked so hard for during Virgo season. Venus rules money, after all, as well as the finer things.

Certain zodiac signs will find themselves particularly fortunate when it comes to material blessings this year. However, with a crowded stellium (including the sun, Mercury, Mars, and the karmic South Node) occupying the Libra house in your chart, there is potential for extremism in that area of your life: over-indulgence and vanity, if you are so inclined, or paranoid self-restraint.

If you’re one of the following, try to strike a balance. While you’re allowed to celebrate your victories, it’s equally important to stay humble, especially before the life-changing solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th.


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Every year around this time, you have the opportunity to make bank, Virgo, as Libra occupies your second house of finances and material resources. If you get a raise, a promotion, or a new job during this time, it’s likely going to be an auspicious experience that, refreshingly, allows for more work-life balance than you’re used to. With Mars moving quickly ahead of the sun in Libra, you’ve almost certainly made some impulse purchases, but isn’t that what Libra season is all about? Mars will soon move ahead into Scorpio, but the sun and Mercury are still lingering in the sign of the scales of justice for a while. During this window of time, give yourself permission to buy that book you’ve been wanting to read or take the leap and finally launch your Substack.


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Depending on your circumstances, Pisces, you’re either making money in your sleep or taking on some debt to increase your long-term fortune. More than likely, since life is never perfect, it’s a combination of both. With a ton of planets transiting through your eighth house of other people’s money, loans, and inheritance, you’re probably used to spending Libra season focusing on your finances. This is especially wise this year, as Mars has been speeding through the sign of Libra and intensifying your relationship to both money and your deeper sense of self. If you’ve had to deal with unexpected bills this season, this will soon come to an end as Mars leaves your second house. The sun and Mercury will remain, giving you ample opportunity to monetize your communication efforts, whether through writing, speaking, or opening up to a partner.


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Your first house of personal identity and appearance is ruled by Venus, Taurus, so you know how to shine. However, your sixth house is currently packed full of Libra placements, highlighting the importance of partnership at work and the value of consistency. If you’re used to doing things on your own, you’re probably experiencing creative differences with your coworkers. Mars is in its detriment in Libra, so you likely feel silenced and incapable of assertion. If you’re working on projects that demand collaboration, it’s going to be significantly easier now that Mars is on its way out of Libra and into Scorpio, changing the dynamic drastically. The sun and Mercury will continue to hang out in Libra, bringing a more pleasant energy to the work environment and ushering in prosperity to all involved.

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