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3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Positive Karma In Their Next Life Chapter

These three signs will experience positive karma like no other in their next life chapter, reaping the harvest of the blessings they always deserved.


You’ve done the most for people for a long time while settling for crumbs in return. You’ve given generously without fail, going out of your way to cater to everyone else’s needs in your relationships and friendships. Now it’s your turn to be highly favored and rewarded for your efforts by the universe. It’s your turn to stop sacrificing yourself for others and put yourself first. Expect miracles ahead in your next life chapter that will remind you of why you were always worthy and deserving of so much more than what you accepted in the past. You will now gain what was stolen from you and benefit tenfold.


You have mastered the art of enlightenment, transforming terrifying traumas into powerful manifestations. Now it’s time to harness that power for your greater good. Creation of the new is just as much as about destroying the old and you’re about to pave a new path to victory. In your next life chapter, you will reap all the positive karma that is owed to you for enduring great trials and tribulations. Don’t resist the great destiny ahead of you.


You’ve paid all your debts and then some, Taurus, so now it’s your turn to experience the magic that the universe has to offer. Expect a windfall of financial wealth and deeper connections in your relationship this coming season. The people who doubted you will apologize to you and the naysayers who diminished you will experience the karma of watching you thrive from a distance. Don’t shortchange yourself this time: you’ve earned it.

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