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3 Zodiacs Who Will Break Generational Curses Before November 23

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November 23rd, the day of Thanksgiving, is a day that is supposed to be all about gratitude. Family gatherings, food, and loving get-togethers bring excitement and joy to many. However, upcoming celebrations with loved ones can also bring up uncomfortable feelings about family histories and traumas. Here are three zodiacs who should be prepared to tackle destructive generational patterns by November 23rd.

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You may have witnessed some painful patterns in your family lineage, Taurus. You’ve built walls to keep yourself from getting too vulnerable and you’ve swept your pain under the rug to remain strong like the hard-headed bull you are. But this coming Thanksgiving will remind you that vulnerability can also be a gateway to success. It will allow you to come closer to who you authentically are, allowing you to manifest left and right while communicating more openly about your needs and desires. You were taught as a child to shrink and play small but now you are about to take up space without apologies. You are breaking generational curses of silence and scarcity as you rise to the top in wealth, prosperity, and continue to shine your light brightly.

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You’ve worked hard to break the patterns of your early childhood upbringing in your own relationships and friendships, but they tend to resurface as a fear of abandonment. These core fears should be looked at more closely so you don’t accidentally allow your fear of abandonment get in the way of enforcing healthy boundaries with your loved ones. The generational curses you’re about to break will skyrocket you in career and love – so long as you don’t abandon yourself through the tough times on your way to inevitable victory.

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In this next life chapter Aries, you need a balance between forgiveness and fortitude. Don’t be so overly compassionate that you forget who was in your corner and who wasn’t during difficult times. As you break generational curses this month, you’ll start to recognize what is worth fighting for and who is worth your time. You will recognize how you internalized harmful patterns of complicity and complacency from your family. You learned to enable toxicity rather than confront it or exit when you’re not being respected or valued. Breaking your generational curse is all about never settling for less again.

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