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3 Zodiacs Who Will Be Rewarded For Their Patience In February

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Aries is rewarded for their patience in an unfulfilled romance this February because their devotion knows no limits. In an age of double texters refusing to be left on read for more than an hour, Aries is literally willing to wait a lifetime for the right person. They take their cues from the likes of Love In The Time Of Cholera or Kabir Singh. The passage of decades or marriage to someone else could never fully extinguish Aries’ hopes and dreams. Luckily for them, it won’t ever reach those extremes, but the hypothetical exercise opens their eyes to the reality of a love that surpasses personal pride and ego. It’s the acceptance that we may never receive the thing we long for, and the conscientious choice to love it anyway. Like the love of a person trying to become a parent has for a child yet to exist. Or a Rihanna fan who would still dance in their walker if she didn’t release another song until they were eight years old. Some things are just worth the wait. Even if they never come. We’d still stand in line just to believe in the chance that they could. When Aries commits to this extreme, they will find their reward.

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Someone in Virgo’s life is learning and growing in a way that they usually have absolutely no time for. It’s not their job to educate, to teach, to pave an easier path to tread. They are not in the business of polishing or refining anyone or anything who might be a diamond in the rough. They are nobody’s cancel culture “airbag”. Not there to soften any blow, deserved or otherwise. But. There’s just this one thing. One thing about this person that reminds Virgo of a time when they were less educated. Less polished. Less prepared to participate in larger dialogues with an even larger visibility. And it’s this “one thing” that Virgo can’t walk away from, like a helpless puppy wearing a daisy collar, Virgo is the proverbial John Wick caught up in the emotional retelling and projection of their own personal struggles, albeit via the conduit of another person. Virgo becomes the mentor, shares their knowledge, donates their time, attention, and energy, and in the process heals a part of themselves that has never acknowledged how badly they wish someone had done the same for them. In the protégée’s success, Virgo sees the righting of their own fraught struggles.

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Scorpio has never been a day-trader, and while everyone pegs them as the type to get a “revenge is a dish best served cold” tattoo, when they play the long game, it’s more about building their own fortunes than it is about doling out misfortune on others. They gravitate towards the blue chip stocks, the fine bottles of wine, the things that are anything but a get-rich-quick-scheme. They’re not the type to be lured by MLM scams or fad diets, because they know the things that matter always require an old-fashioned work ethic. They know their time has value. If they study, if they train, if they apply themselves in a consistent fashion to any endeavor, they are sure to find success. They know for every peak, there are a handful of valleys that must be endured.

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Their realistic understanding of what success takes, makes them the most qualified to achieve it. To become a doctor requires years of training. To write a book requires the ordering and reordering of thousands of words. A mosaic requires the placement of countless individual stones. But the end result is a thing of beauty. Scorpio has always had that foresight, and because of it they are duly rewarded.

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