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3 Zodiacs Who Will Always Leave Before They Are Left

Here are three zodiac signs who will always leave before they are left.

1. Cancer

Cancer struggles with deep abandonment issues. They are truly terrified of someone they love leaving them behind. It is their greatest fear. And so, as a means of self-protection, Cancer will always make sure they are the person who ends things with someone else. For Cancer, it’s far easier to leave than be left.

2. Scorpio

While Scorpio does crave intimacy and love, it takes them a long time to truly open up. Scorpio is one of the most guarded of the entire zodiac because they are afraid of betrayal above all else. Coupled with their need for vengeance, if Scorpio senses that someone is going to leave them, trust that Scorpio will already be out the door. Scorpio does this not only out of defensiveness but also out of spite.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is difficult to pin down and is slow to commit. Deeply interested in the world around them and eager to explore it, Sagittarius is constantly scanning the horizon for their next adventure. Sagittarius refuses to let anyone hold them back from their explorations. And if they think someone is holding them back, Sagittarius will walk away without a second thought. Sagittarius will always leave before they are left because, most of the time, others can barely keep up with their lifestyle to say goodbye in the first place.

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