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3 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Vulnerability In Relationships

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Here are three zodiacs who struggle with vulnerability in relationships.


Fiercely afraid of betrayal, Scorpio tends to keep their deepest, most intimate feelings and thoughts to themselves. Scorpio holds everything inside out of self-protection, a means to keep themselves safe. Scorpio fears of putting their faith in the wrong person, so it takes them a long time before they allow themselves to open up and truly be vulnerable.

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Capricorn‘s emotional repression coupled with their very practical ways make it incredibly tough for this earth sign to be vulnerable in their relationships. This is because Capricorn doesn’t want to be a burden or appear weak, so they prefer to handle everything on their own.

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If there is anything Aquarius hates more than being conventional, it’s being vulnerable. Aquarius does not wear their heart on their sleeve, they keep it hidden away in a lockbox only they have the keys to open. Aquarius prefers to be aloof and detached. Feeling their feelings (and showing those feelings) is a no-go for this air sign.

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