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3 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Uncertainty In Romantic Relationships

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Here are three zodiacs who struggle with uncertainty in romantic relationships.

1. Libra

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As the sign of the scales, Libra craves balance above all else, especially within a partnership. A truly balanced relationship is one based on mutual effort and respect. And if Libra ends up putting in more work than the other, this creates an unbalanced dynamic that leads to Libra feeling deeply uncertain about whether or not the partnership will last.

2. Cancer

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Before Cancer will allow themselves to fall for someone else, they need absolute certainty that the other person is there to stay to the long haul. Cancer needs to understand exactly where they stand with someone before they commit to them. If someone Cancer is dating behaves in hot and cold ways and won’t give any indication about what sort of relationship they want, you can be sure that Cancer will walk away.

3. Taurus

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Taurus needs complete steadiness within a romantic relationship in order to feel both safe and secure. For Taurus, this means crystal clear labels, expectations, and boundaries. If someone Taurus is dating insists on going with the flow and seeing what happens instead of making a commitment or picking a direction, Taurus will say goodbye.

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