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3 Zodiacs Who Shouldn’t Be Messed With On January 28

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We all have fuses, it’s just a matter of how short. While some zodiac signs put up with bad behavior for an incredibly long time, others would have be done ages ago. And even the most patient people have a breaking point. There’s something about the heart of winter that makes people less willing to put up with drama. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you really shouldn’t be messed with on January 28. Whether it’s the short days or the end of an interminably long work week, your fuse is as short as can be right now. People would do well to steer clear of you today.

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You’re the cardinal fire sign, which means you’ll go full Fire Mode with very little provocation. While you can be sweet as hell, if someone messes with you or anyone you care about, they better watch out. And right now, more than ever, you’re just done with people’s shit. At this point, they should know better, right? So just live your life and go off if you need to, because the days are short, the nights are long, and your fuse is basically nonexistent.

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While you have the ability to be super nice to people, even when they’re getting on your nerves, it’ll be harder than ever right now. There’s just something about the heart of winter that makes you not want to be nice to people who are getting on your nerves. If they’re not careful, you might end up saying something that you can’t take back.

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Your patience is wearing thin right now. If you have to cover for one more person at work or pick up after one more person at home, you might just explode. You normally don’t mind being a hard worker who’s in charge of everything, but there’s something about the state of the world right now that makes you just want to hang it up. You think maybe it’d be better to just steer clear of people entirely and, honestly, we don’t blame you.

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