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3 Zodiacs Who Should Ignore Their Ex On December 20

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Do you cut all ties with your exes, blocking them from all social media so you can ensure you’ll never hear from them ever again? Or do you keep them in your life, befriending all your exes? Even if you’re somewhere in between, there’s no way for you to totally avoid running into your exes. If they want to find you, they will. But on December 20, it’s a bad idea to give them the attention. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you’re better off ignoring your exes entirely.

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Try as you might, you’re often thinking about at least one of your exes, if not several, at any given time. You think about how they hurt you or how they were the one that got away. You daydream about what you’d say if you saw them again, whether it’s to beg for them to take you back or some elaborate way you can splash a drink in their face. By dwelling on the past, you aren’t living for the present. On December 20, vow to ignore your ex both if they contact you and if they only cross your mind. You deserve to have a happy life without them living rent-free in your mind.

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You love to stay friends with your exes. As you date people and inevitably break up, that just means that your social circle continues to grow. Truth is, not all exes are created equal. While some make great friends post-breakup, others should be avoided at all costs. On December 20, listen to your heart when it comes to that one ex. You know the one. Their presence gives toxicity, not friendly energy. Keep the exes who make your life better and ditch the rest.

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It’s not that you’re looking for your exes. You’re the type to move on with a clean break and a clear conscience. You’re already onto your next adventure before your ex has even started their grieving process. Unfortunately that means that your exes will often come to you weeks, months, or even years later, hoping for closure. On December 20, remember that you don’t have to open yourself up to an ex just because they’ve come looking for it. If their presence makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally okay to separate yourself from the situation.

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