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3 Zodiacs Who Should Avoid Social Media On December 24

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We’re all tied to our phones, although some more than others. We have our heads down, engrossed in TikTok drama or Twitter/X beefs. We obsess over every Instagram post to make sure it looks perfect and has an effortlessly funny caption. All the while, the real world is zipping by unnoticed. If that sounds at all like you, you might be one of the three zodiac signs that should really avoid social media on December 24. Give yourself a social media diet to reset your brain right before the holidays.

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You’re the type to obsess over every word of a social media post before you tap “submit.” You might even run it by your friends or family before you’re done, much to the annoyance of the people you’ve roped in. Truth be told, your anxiety over this isn’t warranted. No one is putting as much scrutiny into reading your posts as you are into writing them. You might as well give yourself a break, and the best way to do that is to avoid social media entirely for a while. Use December 24 as your jumping-off point for a new, less stressed version of yourself. That way, when you finally come back to social media, you’ll have a clearer head.

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While there are certainly merits to social media, you hate how much time you accidentally waste by scrolling through other people’s content. You could be out there, having adventures, rather than suddenly killing four hours by mindlessly consuming TikTok. You’ve been feeling more and more like it’s a total waste of your time. You might as well listen to that part of you. On December 24, take a break from social media and look at the real world around you. (And maybe set some app timers on your phone so this doesn’t happen again.)

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More often than not, social media just ends up making you feel bad. Whether it’s comparing yourself to Facetuned Instagram models or watching your ex move on quicker than you, you’re left feeling empty or self-conscious after a session trawling social media. Take a break on December 24. Why stick with something that just makes you feel bad anyway? You deserve so much better, Capricorn.

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