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3 Zodiacs Who Never Realize How Attractive They Are

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This article is for all you self-conscious cuties who don’t realize how amazing you really are. And it’s not for your personality–although that’s probably great, too–but for your actual looks. You may find it hard to hear, you may absolutely suck at accepting compliments, and that’s exactly why you’re on this list. You just don’t understand how attractive you really are, but it’s time to listen and learn.

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It’s not like you have no confidence at all. You’re not the person walking around thinking they’re utter trash. It’s just that your confidence is about your abilities and skills. You’ll show off your talents left and right if given the chance. But your looks? That’s a different story. Either you don’t think about it at all, or you’re positive that everyone else is more attractive than you are. No, babe. While you certainly don’t have to make hotness your first priority, that doesn’t mean you don’t have that natural attractiveness that lures everyone in. You do, so it’s best to get used to it.

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Unfortunately, you often have feelings that you aren’t good enough. No matter what’s happening externally from your inner monologue, your mind is telling you all the wrong things. That you’re not attractive, that no one likes you, that people only hang out with you out of pity. First of all, we all have these worries at least some of the time, so you’re not alone. And secondly, you’re way harder on yourself than you need to be. Things aren’t as dire as you think. You’re good enough, you’re fun to hang out with, and yes, you’re attractive as hell–especially when you let that sunny personality shine through.

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You have so much going on that you rarely even think about how you look. It’s less that you think you look like trash and more that you don’t think about your looks at all. So when someone tells you that you’re attractive, it comes as a surprise. People are thinking of you that way when you aren’t even trying? Yes, Virgo. Yes. Your attractiveness is two-fold: You’re both naturally hot, and your personality makes that attractiveness so much hotter. As long as you keep being your authentic self, you have nothing to worry about.

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