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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Stop Waiting On Their Ex To Return

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Nostalgia may be addictive, but it also kills. It’s time for you to stop living in the past and open yourself up to the present. Your ex is never coming back — no matter what lies your stubborn heart may be telling you. Deep down, you know this. You also know that it’s not them that you miss, but their familiarity. You’re not afraid of living without them, but of embracing change.

You viewed your relationship as one of your biggest investments, so you didn’t take its conclusion lightly. As a Taurus, you only commit when you can see a future with someone—a forever kind of future. It’s the life you envisioned with your ex that’s preventing you from letting go.

Truth be told, you don’t know how to take no for an answer. Your ego is hurt, but you’re confusing it for heartbreak. While the feelings you may have had for your former lover may have been real, you also viewed them as one of your most prized possessions. When you can start thinking of them as someone you shared something special with, who taught you what you want and don’t want out of love, it can make the moving on process easier. There’s someone out there who suits you better, Taurus. This person will help you realize why it didn’t work out with your ex—and make you grateful that it didn’t.

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Although you may believe they were, your ex was not the best you’ll ever have. You crave the romance of a lifetime, and sometimes, this causes you to romanticize the wrong person (even justifying their awful treatment of you). There are many things in life that you can see clearly, but love isn’t one of them. As a Cancer, you struggle with recognizing your worth, even when you deserve much better than what you were offered. You experience heartache on a deeper level.

You have a serious attitude concerning love and relationships. Your sign is linked to the fourth house of the zodiac, so you prioritize home and family life. Your heart’s biggest desire is finding “the one.” Each time you fall in love, you believe that that person is it. You become spiritually attached and even emotionally dependent on your partners. After a breakup, your self-doubt is high, and you view the failure of your relationship as a flaw of your character. You lie to yourself. You tell yourself that if they gave you another chance, they would recognize you’re destined to be together. Your heart is tied to what could have been. You may even remain friends with your ex, hoping they’ll eventually wake up and see what’s in front of them.

What you had with them wasn’t a true connection, but an unhealthy attachment. You allowed your ex to make you feel whole. Cancer, you were complete before them and will be complete after them. You’re not afraid of being without them, but afraid of being alone. Romantic relationships aren’t everything, despite how much they may mean to you. You can begin to move on by placing the same value on other aspects of your life.

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When you fall in love, it’s all-consuming. Your intense zodiac loves hard. You give away a piece of yourself every time you love someone. Breakups for you are dark and tragic. It’s not easy for you to place trust and faith in other people. When you let someone in, that means something to you. You only open up when you can guarantee you won’t get hurt. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable isn’t something you do lightly. A partnership for you is total intimacy—a meeting of souls, minds, and bodies.

When a relationship ends, you feel as if that person is the only one who ever mattered (or ever will). It’s painful for you to come to grips with the loss. Your security and inner stability become shattered. It doesn’t matter if the relationship was a healthy one or not. You become fixated on it. Nothing triggers your innate need for control like a broken partnership. You’re a proud creature who is determined to get your way. You become obsessed with reconciliation, or in some cases, revenge. You keep waiting for your ex to come back—even resorting to manipulative tactics—to achieve your desires.

Your intense emotions manifest in secret, compulsive, masochistic, and toxic behaviors. You stalk their social media accounts, keep tabs on what they’re doing and with who, create finstas to avoid detection, stay up late at night to obsess, and listen to dark playlists to revel in the heartache. Letting go doesn’t mean losing, Scorpio, but rather choosing yourself. You can only begin to move on when you confront your fears and accept that some loves can’t last a lifetime.

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