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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Say Yes More On November 22

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You know that moment when you realize that all your days have become the same? It’s the homogenous energy that comes from working every day, dealing with a long commute, getting home and binging shows or TikTok for a few hours before you pass out in bed, ready to do it all over again the next day. Frankly, it’s a bummer. But what if you could break the cycle? For the following three zodiac signs, you could end this boring life streak in just one day. On November 22, make a vow to say yes more. When interesting opportunities pop up, don’t ignore them. By the end of the day, you’ll be shocked right out of your November slump.

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You say no more often than you say yes, although it may be hard for you to admit that. Truth is, you tend to have your days fully planned out. Any spontaneous deviation from your thoughtfully created plan is wholly unwelcome. Unfortunately, you’re probably feeling the negative affects of that lately. Every day is the same. You’re feeling burnt out. Your life has no adventure. On November 22, look for opportunities to say yes. Maybe you spot a flier for a cooking class or your friend asks you out for drinks. Skip your original evening plans and yes. You never know what might happen when you do.

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You can be pretty stubborn. You’ll say no based on principle even if maybe you actually wanted to do whatever someone was asking you. It may feel empowering to say no all the time, but you start to realize that you’re missing out on experiences the more you do this. Friends will have great stories and they’ll always end with, “you had to be there.” It’s not a great feeling. Do yourself a favor on November 22 and say yes. You could even just be saying yes to yourself. Either way, let yourself experience things you’d normally turn up your nose at.

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You’re known for being one of the dreamiest zodiac signs. You’re romantic and have a great imagination, but that sometimes means you live more inside of your head than out of it. Life passes you by day by day, the same as always, meanwhile you’re living a vibrant internal life. The downside is pretty obvious though: None of your daydreams are actually real. Start living your real life more like you would in your mind by saying yes to new experiences starting November 22.

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