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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Say How They Really Feel On November 13

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As much as we all would want to say what we mean exactly when we mean to say it, that’s not always the case. We keep our feelings hidden for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe we have a hard time setting boundaries. Perhaps we’re afraid to open up and show our true selves. Often we hide how we feel because we’re afraid of hurting people we care about. For the following three zodiac signs, now’s the time to be honest. Say how you really feel on November 13. You’re likely to feel a lot better when you do.

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While you’re no stranger to saying hard truths, you don’t always come to the conversation in the most honest way. If you’re upset with someone, you’ll make it known, but you’ll do it in a scathing way that hides how hurt you are. It’s the classic case of hurting someone before they can hurt you. How has that been working out for you? Use some radical honesty on November 13. Strip away all the ego and pride and tell someone how you really feel. Yes, you open yourself up to getting hurt, but sometimes it’s worth the risk.

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You carefully curate everything you say because you’re afraid of the reaction. You puzzle over every text and spoken word so that you say the exact right thing. That’s not really how it works, though. You can never tell what the “right” thing to say is–you can only try your best. Remember that humans are wonderfully messy, imperfect beings. No one truly knows the right thing to say. All you can do is be open and honest and tell someone how you really feel. And November 13 is the perfect day to do it.

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You’re highly attuned to the comfort of the people around you. It’s that empathetic nature that makes water signs so emotional. Unfortunately that means you’ll hold back honesty if you’re worried you might hurt someone’s feelings. Have you forgotten about your own feelings, though? At some point you have to make yourself your number one priority. On November 13, tell someone how you really feel even if there’s a chance it’ll turn into an uncomfortable conversation.

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