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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Put Their Mental Health First Before The End Of May

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These zodiac signs have putting everything and everyone above themselves, and it is seriously impacting their well-being. Here are three zodiacs who need to put their mental health first before the end of May.


Capricorn, you’ve been working yourself to the literal bone the past few months. And while you have been absolutely killing it at your job as a result, it is starting to wear you down in a major way. You’re barely sleeping. You’re anxious all the time. And while you usually love your career, you are beginning to resent it because you’re taking on too damn much.

Before the end of May 2023, you need to start putting your mental health first. Even if that means pushing off a deadline or passing on a task to another colleague. You aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors by burning the candle at both ends. Take care of yourself, Capricorn. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Sleep in. Talk to someone. The hustle can wait. Give yourself a break.

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Aries, you’ve been extremely busy lately. You’ve been doing a great job at work. You have plans every single weekend. You are pursuing your personal goals with fervor. However, you’re beginning to feel totally burned out. You’re constantly exhausted from trying to balance everything. You’re just waiting for the day you drop the ball and this is making you irritable and anxiety-ridden.

Here’s the thing, Aries: you need to slow the hell down. Seriously, take the rest of May to streamline your schedule and carve out some downtime because this will help your mental health. Some ways you can do this include delegating tasks at work when you can, rescheduling social obligations, and learning to say “no” when you are at capacity. Your mental health matters more than anything, Aries. You must prioritize it.

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Scorpio, you’ve been so, SO stressed out the past few weeks. It feels like everything that could go wrong is, and you’re exhausted from trying to keep it all together. It’s just becoming to be far too much.

But when things begin to fall apart that are beyond your control, you need to focus on what you can control. Take extra care of yourself right now, Scorpio. Get enough sleep. Ask for help when you need it. Go on walks. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. Lean on your social circle for support. All of these things won’t make your problems disappear, but they will improve your mental health and make everything feel a little easier to manage.

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