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3 Zodiacs Who Mistake Something Casual For Something Serious

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If you feel a spark with someone, you will dive headfirst into a relationship. Since you are so blinded by passion, you often don’t see that the relationship is a lot less serious than you think it is. While you are often looking for the next best thing and one would assume you prefer something casual and flighty, once you’ve got your head and heart fixed on someone, it’s serious for you.

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You are a gentle lover. When it comes to relationships, you tend to lose yourself and get so caught up in the romance. Once you start to like someone, you get attached quickly. You might be so blinded by the beauty of love and all your affections that you don’t see when something is actually casual.

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You look at the world through rose-colored glasses. When it comes to love, you romanticize everything. You will even put your partner on a pedestal, completely ignoring the red flags. You often won’t notice if the relationship you’re in is casual or not — to you, it’s serious. You’ll fall for someone and be blinded by this love.

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