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3 Zodiacs Who Mistake Infatuation For Love

Love is something special. It creeps up on us, giving us warm feelings before we can even name it. Or it hits us fast, blindsiding us with an immense connection with the ones we love. While most of us can decipher love from infatuation, that isn’t the case for everyone. Some people feel the butterflies of infatuation or the lust that comes from a sexy first date and they’re immediately calling it love. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you’re likely to call it love long before you should be using that word.


You jump headfirst into anything, and that includes dating. You’ll get a full-on crush on someone if they compliment your hair. You’re the one inventing whole fairy tale scenarios for every smiling barista or guy friend who holds the door open for you. And you’re also the first one to make a move, because romance will always boost your already stellar bravery skills. Will you call infatuation love? Definitely. Deep down, you probably know the difference, but where’s the fun in that?


You’re highly influenced by the emotions of others, especially when it comes to their feelings about you. If there’s someone in your life that’s put you on a pedestal, you’ll grow deep feelings in return. If they love you, you’ll love them. You might find that, if the relationship ends, a deep look into your actual feelings will result in a pretty big realization: You weren’t as into them as you thought. You were just so caught up in them loving you that you couldn’t help but return the favor, even if it wasn’t necessarily genuine. You’re instead infatuated by the idea of being loved.


You love love. That’s probably why you’re never really single. You’re really good at finding people to date, whether it’s the barista who’s been giving you eyes or the friend that you only just recently realized you have feelings for. Because you love the idea of soulmates and life-changing love, you’re way more likely to call infatuation “love” if it can fit that narrative. And what’s the downside aside from maybe breaking a few hearts along the way?

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