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3 Zodiacs Who Make Unexpectedly Great Partners To Virgo

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We’ve all heard the jokes from jilted exes who swear never to date a certain zodiac sign again. While it’s easy to discount, say, all Virgo women or all Pisces men based on a few bad experiences, it’s not advisable; most astrologers would tell you not to judge the potential for a good relationship or marriage based solely on sun sign compatibility.

However, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a little bit of truth to the stereotype that certain signs are better together than others. If you pay attention to the couples in your life or do a review of your own exes, you are likely to notice certain trends emerge: opposing signs frequently pairing up, fire and earth signs falling madly in love, and enduring marriages between two signs of the same element. However, there are exceptions. And sometimes, these make the most intriguing relationships.

If you’re a Virgo who is newly single and looking to expand your dating pool, or you’re simply intrigued as to why your relationship with a so-called “incompatible” sign is working so well, read on. Here are three zodiac signs that provide an unexpectedly safe foundation for an earthy and logical Virgo to thrive.

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Directly opposing you on the zodiac wheel, Virgo, Pisces is known as your natural “sister sign.” Of course, this is a much more pleasant way of describing an opposition. While oppositions do create some resistance, they also spark intense curiosity: a lifetime spent in a Pisces’ company and you will still never fully understand the depths of their creative and emotional world. Sister signs represent duality and balance; you have more in common with your Pisces partner than you realize, but you’re trying to find the answer to the universe’s mysteries in a textbook while they’re meditating and lucid dreaming their way to the truth. You’re ruled by Mercury, which excels at spotting the small details, while Pisces is ruled by lofty Jupiter, which makes your partner oriented to the big picture. Together, there is little knowledge you cannot uncover together. The differing approach to life will make a relationship with a Pisces exciting and mysterious. Furthermore, you will help each other out, providing the balance the other needs: you, with your analytical and organized mind, will remind them to get their head out of the clouds, while they will remind you to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than agonizing over the destination. The Piscean presence might sometimes appear too lazy for your liking, since their sign is ruled by Neptune in modern astrology. But at the end of the day, this watery sign’s energy is like balm to your stressed-out soul.

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You might superficially fear the spontaneity and chaos that drives the typical Aries, but deep down you are excited by their energy, Virgo. Your Mercury-ruled sign forms a lesser-known aspect to Aries known as a quincunx, also sometimes called an inconjunct. While you are motivated by hard work and precision, Aries is radical and impulsive, ready to move at the first opportunity. You both require periods of solitude: you like to work in silence for long hours at a time, while your Aries doesn’t mind going on adventures alone because it suits their naturally independent spirit. The quincunx aspect brings a complex yet deeply fascinating energy to your relationship, best described as transformative. When two people with such fundamentally different viewpoints come together to create something long-lasting, like a marriage, there is always the risk of arguments and misunderstandings. But Aries is quick to forgive, and Virgo is determined to commit to their loved ones for the long haul. Partnerships between these two signs typically require deep and profound shadow work between both partners and result in a beautiful and tremendously unique bond. These are the types of relationships that appear a bit strange and unlikely to outsiders, but make a lot of sense behind closed doors. You live vicariously through your Mars-ruled Aries, who sometimes needs to randomly hop on a plane and go, while they rely on you to make a checklist and pack their bags for them before they leave.

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Two mercurial signs simply make sense, Virgo, even if your approach to communication is worlds away from Gemini. With the same planetary ruler, you encompass much of the same passion and intellectual curiosity about the world around you, and this makes you very effective in romantic partnerships that are centered largely around debate and deep conversation. There is nothing surface-level about a Gemini-Virgo marriage. Since your signs make a tense square aspect to one another, this is a relationship that will inevitably face challenges, but thanks to your shared insight and dutiful self-awareness, you are unlikely to give up on each other if the spark is there. You might be reluctant to admit that you actually love the most annoying things about each other because they force you to gain mastery over your worst traits. For instance, you might occasionally find your Gemini’s hyper personality to be emotionally draining, and while they would never dare admit it, they appreciate your dedication to keeping everything neat, tidy, and organized. Otherwise, they might just get lost in their own minds. Unless there are other toxic influences at play, this is a relationship that can certainly last. Your arguments, when they occur, will only strengthen your convictions and broaden your intellectual horizons. At your best, you will be staying up late into the night sharing your new favorite books. At your worst, you will be debating the Oxford comma.

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