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3 Zodiacs Who Keep Falling For Men With Communication Issues

Communication is essential to any healthy relationship. If you don’t know how your partner is feeling, then it will be tough to figure out solutions to problems. You won’t even know whether there is a problem if they won’t be honest with you. Although dating partners who refuse to communicate is stressful AF, here are the zodiacs who keep finding themselves in the position of dating non-communicative partners:


Aries, you are an impulsive sign, so you sometimes jump into relationships before getting the chance to sit down and talk to this person in detail. Even if you haven’t opened up to each other verbally, you feel like you know them because you have a strong connection with them. Because you feel like you understand each other without having to say certain things out loud. While that type of passion might sustain a relationship early on, it isn’t going to work forever. If your person won’t open up to you about how they’re feeling, you aren’t going to be able to guess. It doesn’t matter how good you are at reading body language or how well you think you know them. If they won’t be honest with someone as blunt as you are, it’s never going to last. You need someone who is as transparent and straightforward as you are.


Sagittarius, you aren’t the type to bring up serious conversations on a first date because you’re all about having a fun time. Early on in relationships, you care more about whether this person can make you laugh than whether you are compatible on a deep, emotional level. After all, early dates are about letting loose and having fun. However, you commonly end up falling for non-communicative partners who won’t be real with you about how they’re feeling — and a relationship like that is never going to work. Remember, although you might be searching for your best friend, a committed relationship can’t be fun and games all the time. You need to have serious conversations too. You need to feel comfortable talking to each other about anything and everything. And that goes both ways. If one of you clams up, then the relationship is never going to work long-term.


Pisces, since you don’t mind doing most of the talking, you keep finding yourself in relationships with partners who struggle to communicate. Of course, you don’t realize this is the position you’re in at first. You are a social butterfly, so you can keep the conversation going for hours on end. You have so many fascinating things to say, so it’s no trouble for you to carry conversations in person and over text. While this is fine early on, you don’t want to be the only one communicating as the relationship progresses. You don’t want to feel like you’re bearing your soul to this person, only for them to give you breadcrumbs. You both need to be investing emotional energy into the relationship in order to make it work.

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