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3 Zodiacs Who Have The Strongest Connection To Their Psychic Intuition

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As one of the signs who has the most powerful access to vast esoteric knowledge about the spiritual realm, it’s no wonder you are inherently connected to your keen psychic intuition. You have a focused channel to the divine which gives you the insight you need at just the right moment to prevent harm from happening to you or those you love. You are an earth angel, protecting not just yourself but others from potential danger.

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You have an uncanny ability to spot liars and manipulators in your midst, and your psychic dreams often give you premonitions about what’s about to occur or what’s already happening behind closed doors. You’ve learned time and time again never to ignore your intuition because it tells you exactly what is happening, even when you don’t want to know. On the flip side, you also have an incredible connection to abundance. Ruled by lucky Jupiter, your psychic intuition often paves the pathway to abundantly good fortune and luck, giving you potent inner guidance to what actions to take in order to be victorious. You are frequently given a gateway to blessings by the universe, and everything seems to come so easily to you.

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Ruled by the mystical Neptune, you are granted a seemingly supernatural ability to discern deception. Your psychic intuition allows you to identify wolves in sheep’s clothing and warns you with harbingers of any doom to come so you can be prepared with magical protection or ask for help from your ancestors, spirit guides, and guardian angels. At the same time, your psychic intuition allows you to manifest fruitfully, giving you the “lucky numbers” to win the metaphorical lottery, whatever that may be, in your life circumstances.

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