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3 Zodiacs Who Have Mixed Emotions About Their Exes

Some zodiacs are happy about the fact they never have to see their ex again. They can’t get away from their old flames fast enough. Other zodiacs have a soft spot for their exes and think fondly of them. They might even try to remain friends. And then there are signs who aren’t sure exactly how they feel. It’s too complex to put into words. Here are the zodiacs who tend to have mixed emotions about their exes


Your heart and your head keep telling you two completely different things. Logically, you know that your ex is no good for you. You know that they aren’t capable of providing what you need in a relationship, that you would be unhappy if you stayed together for any longer. But your heart is still reaching out to them. Your heart keeps tempting you to text them and get back together with them. It’s difficult to cope with your conflicting feelings about your ex because no matter what decision you make feels wrong. No matter what path you take, part of you will be unhappy. But you need to remember, that is only a temporary feeling. You will get over them fully one day. You simply need more time.


You have mixed feelings about your ex because it’s like they’re two separate people. There was the person who treated you well and made your heart happy. And then the person who treated you terribly and continued to disappoint you. It feels strange that one person could bring you so much happiness at one point, and so much sadness at another, which is why it’s hard for you to reconcile the way you feel about them. A part of you loves your ex dearly, even now. And a part of you hates their guts. It’s difficult to explain these complex feelings, and even more difficult to process them. But they are more normal than you think. A lot of people feel this way, and they have gotten over their exes in the end. You will too. You just need to give it some more time.


You have been struggling to deal with your feelings about your ex because they were such an important part of your world at one point. But now they are gone and you need to accept that fact. However, it’s hard for you to think back on your relationship fondly without wanting to continue the relationship in the future. It’s hard to accept that someone was good for you once but is no longer what you need. It’s hard to accept that they were a good person but a terrible match. It would be so much easier for you to move on if you hated your ex’s guts, but that’s not the case. You value what they brought to your life. You appreciate them as a person. You just know that you aren’t meant to remain in each other’s orbit any longer – and that is hard to stomach.

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