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3 Zodiacs Who Have Been Struggling To Bounce Back From Heartache (And Why)

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It’s not easy to heal from your heartbreak, especially when you had hope that this person was going to be your forever. Whether you saw the breakup coming or it was a complete shock to your system, it can take some time to get over such a painful event. Here are the zodiacs who have been struggling to bounce back from their heartache, and why:

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You’re struggling to bounce back from your heartbreak because you aren’t really trying to get over your ex. A part of you is hoping that you’ll still get back together once the dust settles and tensions calm. You haven’t fully accepted that you and your ex are on separate paths now because you don’t want to believe it’s really over between you. You have faith that you are going to find each other again in the future and that everything is going to work out as planned. While there’s a chance this could happen in the future, you don’t want to bet on it. After all, you broke up for a reason. You need to start living your life without this person. Start finding ways to make yourself happy, just in case you really never get back with them again. The first step is accepting they’re gone. Then the rest will fall into place.

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You’re struggling to bounce back from your heartbreak because you’re putting your ex on a pedestal. You feel like there’s no one better suited for you out there because they were the best you were ever going to get. Even though your relationship had its fair share of ups and downs, you’re only focusing on the best parts of this person. You’re scrolling through cute texts and photos, and replaying your favorite memories in your head. You’re making them out to be some perfect partner when that wasn’t the case. If you really were a perfect match, then the breakup never would have happened. You need to stop thinking so highly of them and looking down on yourself. Remember, you are going to find love again. This wasn’t the only person out there capable of seeing your worth. There are so many others out there who will feel honored to love you.

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You’re struggling to bounce back from your heartbreak because you have prioritized love above all else. But it’s so much better to be alone than in the wrong relationship. Yes, society might make you feel like there’s something wrong with you when you’re single, but this is actually the best thing for you. Now that you have some time alone, you can focus on the other areas of your life that bring you joy, like your passions and hobbies, your friendships and family members. There’s more to life than romantic love. You don’t need it in order to thrive. Being on your own for a while isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be. It can teach you a ton about what you want and what you’ll never settle for again.

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