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3 Zodiacs Who Get Their Karmic Good Luck From Listening To Their Intuition

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There’s a universal sweet spot when it comes to fate and good luck. It flares when you listen to your intuition, especially when your gut can prevent you from making dodgy choices or being around people who could do you harm. The better you are at listening to that wise voice in your mind, the higher your karmic good luck. While anyone can benefit from this, there are three signs who especially harness the power of their instincts. If you’re one of these signs, you rule your life by how you feel deep down–and it gives you a boost of karmic good luck every time you do. It’s like the universe rewarding you for doing the right thing.

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While you might be good at listening to your gut, you don’t always act on it. You might dampen the signal because you feel that other parts of your life should take priority. You’re often so married to your to-do list that you won’t stray from it even when you know you should. But when you listen? When you finally take the action that your intuition is urging you toward, the universe notices. The more you do, the better your karmic good luck. If you’re looking for a little boost, devote more of yourself to listening to your intuition. You may notice your life getting better and better.

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Not only are you great at recognizing the inner voice of your intuition, but you’re also good at listening to what it has to say. In fact, you’re so quick to do what you heart is telling you that you may not even recognize when you’re doing it anymore. If you’ve noticed good things happening to you lately, especially when connected to the choices you make, this could be why. Your karmic good luck is at its peak when you follow your heart, listen to your gut, and take action.

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Your intuition isn’t just keeping you safe and happy, it’s extending outward as well. You have intuition when it comes to your friends and loved ones, and, if they trust your opinion, you can help them dodge trouble as well. The more you let your great intuition spread out into the world around you, the better your karmic good luck. But remember: People are usually only amenable to advice if they’ve asked for it.

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