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3 Zodiacs Who Feel Their Routine Is Quenching Their Life’s Flame

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1. Capricorn

Ambitious Capricorn is always on the move in almost every aspect of their life but that doesn’t always translate to how they feel about their life. Currently, Capricorn finds themselves in the ultimate rut. Despite the constant busyness of their jam-packed work and social calendars, Capricorn can’t help but feel like they’re not making progress in the ways they hoped to see by now. They thought they’d be happier and more fulfilled and not so…miserable.

Capricorn would be wise to learn that sometimes slowing down is necessary to move forward because you can’t truly see where it is you’re going if you don’t take the time to look around where you stand currently. Gathering your bearings is fundamental to the journey and figuring out the proper direction to take.

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2. Gemini

Social and endlessly curious Gemini rarely feels stagnant. There is usually never a dull moment in Gemini’s life because that’s exactly the way they designed it. Gemini is always juggling multiple passion projects, hobbies, social obligations, and work responsibilities with ease because this is the way Gemini thrives the most.

However, Gemini is noticing social lulls on their weekends now. They have wrapped up the majority of their passion projects and work is noticeably slow at the moment. Gemini is beginning to feel utterly stir-crazy but isn’t entirely sure what to do about that fact. Gemini feels frozen, unable to make a decision about what to do next. The best thing Gemini can do right now is to not panic and tune back in with their intuition. And, most importantly, Gemini needs to stop fearing the quiet. Answers are best heard without excess noise, after all.

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3. Leo

Usually confident and glowing Leo can’t help but feel that their light is being dimmed at the moment. Pretty much nothing feels right. Their social life seems to be sluggish, work isn’t going according to plan, and, most importantly, Leo’s relationship with themselves is hurting the most.

Leo feels stagnant in their life and is taking it far too close to heart. Leo needs to remember that there are periods of slowness in everyone’s life every now and then. This too shall pass. In the meantime, however, Leo must do their best to be kind to themselves and remember their worth. Because once Leo realizes who the hell they are, they’ll be back to feeling like themselves and will be able to get out of the rut as a result.

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