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3 Zodiacs Who Deserve Peace And Quiet This Thanksgiving (November 25)

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The holidays can be hard–especially the holidays that require a lot of work. Thanksgiving isn’t just one day of cooking and socializing. If you’re the one hosting, or even if you’re just providing one dish for a potluck-style affair, you’ll likely need to plan and cook well ahead of time. Even if you’re not going hard for Thanksgiving, if you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you need some peace and quiet today. If you don’t, you might feel incredibly burnt out by the end of the day.

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If anyone in the zodiac is going to over-extend themselves over Thanksgiving, it’s you, Virgo. You insist on doing most, if not all, of the Thanksgiving prep and cooking yourself so that you can make sure it’s done right and on time. Unfortunately that means you’re taking on the work of so many people all by yourself. You deserve little slices of peace and quiet wherever you can find it today, even if it’s just a moment to breathe some fresh air outside before going back in and throwing the pies in the oven. Hopefully you have people in your life who can help you get the rest you desperately need.

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The drama of family gettogethers is just draining. You’d rather not have to field weird questions from your distant aunts or referee when your brother starts talking about politics while everyone’s trying to eat. Yet that’s often the role you end up taking on Thanksgiving. This year, you deserve to just be able to sit and relax and eat fun food without having to worry about whatever interpersonal conflict might be brewing. Remember that it isn’t your responsibility you play mediator. Just relax and recuperate today (and eat lots of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

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While you’re down to see your family and you’re especially stoked for the food, the prospect of another Thanksgiving is just plain tiring to think about. You’d rather go home and sleep or work on hobbies. Heck, you’d even rather be at work if you could avoid talking to some of the more dramatic people who’ll be coming to the holiday. Preserve some of your peace and quiet today by leaving the party when you start to feel overwhelmed. There’s no rule that you have to stay ’til the very end–just don’t be rude about it. And if it’s any easier, you could arrive right before dinner is served instead.

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