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3 Zodiacs Who Can’t Wait For Summer To Be Over

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You were the first in line when Starbucks released this year’s pumpkin spice lattes. You have your flannels and scarves on standby. You have the best horror movies waiting in your queue for the moment spooky season starts. For the following three zodiac signs, summer is long over in your hearts. You’re done with the heat and the sand and the sunburn. You want chiller weather, cozy nights by the fire, and your cutest seasonal outfits. Time for fall, baby!

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You know what’s extra cozy? When the air starts to chill, the leaves start to fall, and you can bust out your softest, warmest blankets. It’s the smell of dead leaves and the first wisps of breath fogging up your lenses as you step outside. You’re a homebody–that’s already been established–but it’s so much more fun to be cozy at home in the fall. Sweating it up in the summer is just not the same thing. So now that we’re inching ever closer to fall, you can’t help but wish that all this heat and sunshine would just chill for a while. Cozy home vibes should start…NOW!

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You might not admit it, but you love all the basic things about fall. You’re down for a pumpkin spice latte or apple cider or hot cocoa. No need to debate which one is superior, they all have their place in the autumn pantheon. Even if summer isn’t officially over yet, you’re already busting out your fall-themed scented candles and putting your short shorts and flip flops into seasonal storage. Sure, this all makes you basic, but maybe it’s “basic” because everyone loves a good seasonal beverage and the pervasive scent of a freshly baked apple pie.

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You live for spooky season. Even though summer isn’t over yet, you’ve probably already started decorating for Halloween or gotten out your goth-est clothes. Black jeans and horror movie tees for you, all day every day. You’re the one telling scary stories around the bonfire at the beach, ignoring the fact that you just spent the day swimming in the summer sun. You’re planning out your Halloween decorations and have an extensive list of movies to scare your friends with for the next few months. Spooky season starts now, whether everyone likes it or not.

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