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3 Zodiacs Who Are Experts In Love (And 3 Zodiacs Who Have A Lot Left To Learn)

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We all wish that we were experts in love. We’d make the right decisions for who to date. We’d be open to find our soulmates. We’d know when to call it quits. Here’s the thing, though: Most of us have no idea what we’re doing. Still, there are three zodiac signs who are much better at love that everyone else. And there are three that have so much left to learn. Which one are you?

Zodiacs Who Are Experts in Love

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Although they definitely go through trial and error to get there, Tauruses are adept at recognizing the person who’s right for them. They aren’t down to hang out with an incompatible match just to have someone warm to curl up with at night. Instead, they’ll wait until they’ve found their perfect partner, and then do anything to make them happy. A Taurus is hardcore soulmate material.

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Virgos are too busy to waste their time on people who aren’t perfect for them. Unlike some zodiac signs, they won’t put up with bad behavior just because they’re worried about being alone. They’re also really good at improving already good relationships. For a Virgo, why settle for good when you can have something amazing?

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Libras seem to always be in a relationship, and there’s a reason for that. They’re not afraid to go for it when they like someone. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, they have a knack for going for what they want. Also, since they surround themselves with so many great people, they’re rarely left without anyone crushing on them. Libras are the relationship experts of the zodiac.

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Zodiacs Who Have A Lot Left To Learn


Aries are quick to make decisions in most aspects of life, and that includes dating. As soon as they get a crush, they want to make a move. Because they’re so impulsive, they aren’t nearly as picky as they should be when it comes to love. They’d rather act now and regret it later. And regret, they do. Until they can stop and check in with their feelings, they’ll keep ending up in questionable relationships.

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Geminis get spooked easily. Because they have a magnetic personality and are great at flirting, they often find themselves in scenarios where they’re much less interested in the relationship than the person they’re dating. And if they get a whiff that their partner is being “too clingy,” they bolt. True love is hard to find for Geminis until they allow themselves to fall.

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Pisces are an incredibly romantic sign, but that doesn’t mean they have this all figured out. When it comes to the idea of love, they have their heads in the clouds. But as soon as it becomes real, they don’t know what to do with themselves. They might fall victim to self-sabotage or push people away for the littlest infractions. Pisces won’t find an epic love until they’re truly ready.

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