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3 Zodiacs Who Always Have Roller Coaster Relationships

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There may be a part of all of us that wishes for the steady, comfortable relationships. The ones that have very few fights and are just mostly filled with companionship and love. Still, whether they want it or not, some zodiac signs are magnets when it comes to roller coaster relationships. The ups and downs and drama of it all create havoc in their dating life, and the stars may be the culprit after all. These are the three signs who are always having roller coaster relationships. This might explain a couple of the people you’ve dated.

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Gemini’s astrological “animal” is the Twins, and anyone who’s known a Gemini knows exactly how much of a dual personality they can have. While not all Geminis are “two-faced,” turning on people with little provocation, they still are likely very good at changing how they treat people. They’re the sign most likely to completely abandon someone if they’ve been mistreated, shutting their feelings off and moving on. They can also be so sweet in one instance and say the worst cutting words in the next. This dual personality is often the catalyst for any roller coaster relationships they might have. Fortunately, some people like a relationship with a bit of unexpected spice.

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Being with you is an adventure. Sagittarius is known for hating boredom, preferring an interesting and varied life in their own unique way. While the stereotypical Sag is a globe-trotting lover of extreme sports, their passion doesn’t have to be so grand. It could just be a love for trying new things and a desire to experience all that life has to offer. Dating a Sagittarius means never being bored, but it also means they’ll cut you loose if you’re not down to get into a little trouble. That kind of roller coaster relationship isn’t for the homebody types who love routine and quiet stability.

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Aquariuses have very even-keeled personalities. To some of the more expressive zodiac signs, they seem like they keep everything to themselves. Truthfully, they just don’t often feel things as starkly as others do. They have that solid feeling that makes them great to cling to when you need something to help you feel grounded. Unfortunately, this energy does attract people with volatile personalities. If an Aquarius ends up with someone more chaotic, they’ll again find themselves in a roller coaster relationship whether they like it or not.

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