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3 Zodiacs Who Always Feel Misunderstood

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1. Scorpio

First up, Scorpio. Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign and they are well aware of this fact. Because of this, Scorpio often goes inward, especially when going through hardships, because they don’t think anyone would really get it anyway. So why bother explaining? Being misunderstood is pretty much all Scorpio has ever known. But Scorpio would benefit from remembering that while not everyone will necessarily understand them, there are people who absolutely will. And they need to let them in, even if it feels vulnerable as hell.

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2. Capricorn

Capricorn is another zodiac who never fully feels like they’re understood by the people in their life. They can often come across as a bit too practical and cold at times, especially when they’re trying to give advice and be supportive. In turn, this makes Capricorn feel bad because they’re also fiercely devoted to those they hold closest. They were just trying to help and weren’t trying to be dismissive. So, when they’re told that’s how they are being perceived, they can’t help but feel alone and misunderstood.

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3. Aquarius

Finally, Aquarius believes themselves to be far too ✨ unique ✨ for anyone to ever truly be on the same wavelength as them. With their quirky interests and individual perception, Aquarius often feels as though they need to constantly defend their choices, hobbies, and basically everything else they love. Of course, being distinctive is a core part of Aquarius’ identity as well. So even though Aquarius doesn’t feel understood most days, that’s okay because they understand themselves and they know that’s all that really matters.

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