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3 Zodiacs That Actually Like Being Single

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Finding that perfect someone in your life isn’t easy–especially when it comes to finding someone whose zodiac sign meshes with your own. As rewarding as it might be in a romantic relationship, there’s no denying that certain people seem much happier enjoying the single life above all else. Rather than spending all of their time with a significant other, these zodiac signs value their independence, using their free time to pursue their interests and focusing intently on caring for themselves.

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You possess an idealistic view of love and what it means to be in a relationship. Romanticizing the concept of being swept off your feet, it’s impossible to find someone who meets your incredibly high standards in a relationship. For as often as you daydream about romantic date nights, ballroom dancing, or idyllic couples trips to Europe, you also put great stock in your solitude and prevailing interests. Rather than settling for a partner who doesn’t match your idiosyncratic personality, you’d rather sit back and wait until the love of your life strolls past–no matter how long it takes.

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Like everything in life, you don’t mess around when it comes to relationships. Whereas other signs spend days–perhaps weeks–engaging in flirtatious banter, you opt for a more direct approach, not wanting to waste time with cutesy emojis or disruptive late-night texts. Because of this, you might scare off more withdrawn partners, but that hardly matters to you. You’d rather find someone who prefers clarity and honesty rather than the smoke and mirrors that comes with an early romantic rapport. Anything less than direct proclamations of “I want to date you” from your suitor is simply not worth your time.

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You have incredibly high expectations comelmost everything, demanding nothing less than complete and absolute perfection. Because of this, some people might slap harsh labels on you, or view you as some kind of control freak. Focusing more on one’s flaws instead of their more positive characteristics, you can be quick to judge others, making it difficult to maintain a healthy, balanced relationship. A natural busybody in every aspect of your life, you have trouble sitting back and enjoying a date, choosing to focus on improving your relationship–even when there isn’t anything left to fix or improve upon..

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