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3 Zodiacs Starting A New Era Of Growth On December 3

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It’s so easy to become stagnant in life. Working a monotonous job certainly contributes to that energy. So you plug along, doing the same thing every day, and before you know it, a year has passed and nothing of note has happened to you. It’s the same every day. Rather than sinking down into the comfort zone of stagnancy, it’s time for these three zodiacs to start fresh. On December 3, this is your call to enter your new era of growth. Lean into the discomfort and do something different.

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Your growth will come from letting go of your past and focusing on your present and future. You spend a lot of time dwelling in what could have been, filling your thoughts with one keyword you need to learn to avoid: “Should.” What’s done is done, so use December 3 as the beginning of your new era of living in the now. No longer dwell on what you should have done and instead make your current moments as wonderful and powerful as you can. If you lead a well-lived life, your future won’t be spent looking back in regret.

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Your growth will come from letting go of the thoughts that sap your confidence. Although you seem to be an incredibly confident person from the outside, your desire for the spotlight stems from your self-conscious need to be validated. You feel like if people aren’t telling you how great you are, it means that it’s not true. Starting December 3, look for validation from within. Use this time to grow into the type of person who can feel cool and confident without caring what other people think. It’s a long journey, but the perfect one for you to start.

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Your growth will come from letting go of the people who slighted you in the past. You might have expected to see advice about opening up and letting down your walls–and that’s exactly what this is. The reason why you clam up when people try to get to know you is because you’ve been burned before. A past friend or ex betrayed your trust and now you’re more reluctant than ever to let people in. Starting on December 3, begin letting go of the hurt those people caused. Take away the power they still have and live your life as though they never had an affect on you at all–and that starts with being more open with others you care greatly for.

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