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3 Zodiacs Signs Ready To Unleash Their Inner Warrior

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There is a fire that erupts within you when you’ve been violated, betrayed, gaslit, or underappreciated. This is the rebellious spirit, the inner warrior that fights on your behalf even in times of hopelessness and helplessness. This is the type of spirit that reminds you that you deserve better than the toxicity and mistreatment you’ve experienced. This is the inner warrior that fights back. Through many trials and tribulations, the warrior spirit perseveres and rises above the ashes of adversity, channeling and alchemizing traumas into transformation. Here are three signs that have the strongest warrior souls:

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This fiery archer is skilled with bow and arrow and never misses their mark. Sagittarius, you have the strongest warrior soul of them all. A natural explorer, you’re always on the hunt for new knowledge and tend to reap hard-earned wisdom from the obstacles you overcome. You persist throughout adversity with extraordinary resilience. You fight back fiercely when you or your loved ones are violated, and you’re the defender of the underdogs.


Life for you is a perpetual battleground, Aries, and you know exactly how to win every war. Much like the Sagittarius, you are feisty in defending yourself and your loved ones especially when it comes to matters of justice and fairness. An argument with a toxic person trying to do you dirty just ends up being mortal combat – and you always tend to turn the tables on your foes.

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You’re the queen and the warrior of the underworld, Scorpio, but you’re also the protector of the living. For you, experiencing or witnessing betrayal and injustice means you’re about to go scorched earth on the predators of the world who prey on the vulnerable. You fight not only to defend yourself, but also the innocent people who cannot defend themselves. Rebirth and resurrection aren’t just for anyone – it takes a very special person to be able to rise again from the dead and go to war with toxic people who aren’t fighting fair.

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