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3 Zodiacs Regretting Their Situationships On January 18

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It’s that confusing space between friends-with-benefits and a real relationship. You’re more than friends, and it often feels like you’re dating. But then one of you will describe what you’re doing as “hanging out” and suddenly you’re not sure of anything. While some people prefer situationships, often one of the you is secretly hoping it’ll turn into something more. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you might be regretting your situationship on January 18, especially as we get that much closer to Valentine’s Day.

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Unlike the other zodiacs on this list, you’re often the one initiating the situationship. You’re the one calling the shots, letting the person you’re “hanging out with” know that it’ll never be anything more. Still, lately this whole thing has felt really empty. Have you been kidding yourself all along? Maybe you actually want to date this person for real. Or maybe you regret the situationship because of how anxious the person you’re dating has become, since they have no idea how you really feel about them. It might be time to take a break from dating entirely, Gemini.

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You love being in relationship and are often called a “serial monogamist.” You’re rarely single, flitting from one partner to the next. Unfortunately that can mean that sometimes you choose someone because they’re available, and not because they’d be a good fit for you. If you’re in a situationship right now, that’s probably more poignant than ever. Deep down, you’re more into real committed relationships than this nebulous thing you’re in right now. As soon as you accept it, the sooner you can drop your situationship and embrace singlehood.

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Regardless of what you actually want, you seem to find yourself in situationships. And the next person they date after you, they end up committing fully to. It can feel pretty crappy to always be the pitstop on someone else’s journey toward finding their soulmate. At this point, you’d probably rather be single for months or years than dating one more person who doesn’t take you seriously. Use January 18 as your last day that you’ll deal with a situationship ever again. You deserve so much better, Pisces.

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