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3 Zodiacs Ready To Quit Online Dating For Good On January 5

Have you felt the shift lately? Online dating isn’t what it used to be. Years ago, you’d know all sorts of people who met on Tinder or Bumble or the old-school OK Cupid. They met online and made it work and now are happily married with kids or something. But when’s the last time someone you know met that way? Apps are no longer working, and for these three zodiac signs, now’s the time to quit. If you’re one of these signs, you’re finally ready to delete the apps for good on January 5.

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You want something serious–something that will last. Even though you’ve known people who found serious relationships on Tinder, it still just feels like a hookup app, so that doesn’t work for you. Then there’s the more relationship-focused apps like Bumble and Hinge. You’ve tried, but it just doesn’t hit the way it should. You feel like lately, the more you try to make it work on the apps, the colder the whole process feels. On January 5, follow that pull telling you to delete the apps. Maybe finding someone in real life would work better. And in the meantime, you’re good at feeling comfortable while being alone.

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There’s something soul-sucking about the dating apps. It takes all the heart out of the process. And while you might not want to admit it, it’s the soul and heart that makes you want to date in the first place. You never really can get an idea of the emotional or physical connection until you meet in real life anyway. Today you’re feeling more than ever like the whole online dating thing is just pointless. On January 5, accept that this mode for finding people just isn’t for you. You do better in-person.

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Who even has the time? When you’re meeting people in real life–maybe through work or a setup from friends–you just go on a date and you can feel the vibe from there. Online dating adds a whole extra layer of swiping and messaging before you even get to that point. All that means is extra time that could be spent on something more fun or important, and you’re done with it. You have more important things to do, so you’re totally happy ditching the dating apps for good, January 5 and beyond. Good riddance.

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