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3 Zodiacs Ready To Find Their Soulmate On January 4

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Sometimes love finds you at unexpected times. You hear it from the people who tell singles to “just stop looking and you’ll find the one.” As annoying as that advice is, it’s true for some people. Then there are others who have to be ready to receiving a life-changing romance. Until you can open your heart, it won’t find you. For these three zodiac signs, they’re finally feeling ready to find their soulmate on January 4. Now that you’re allowing that kind of love and light in, you’re that much closer to finding the one.

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You have a history of dropping people for the littlest infractions. You don’t consider your deal-breakers small, but your friends certainly give you shit for it. And maybe they have a point. All this pickiness has resulted in is a string of short relationships with nothing long or significant. Something has been feeling different lately, though. Where you once would have gotten bored out of your mind by someone as soon as they got too familiar, now you’re liking the idea of being tied to someone indefinitely. This is your sign that you’re finally ready for the real thing, including finally finding your soulmate.

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While you do like being in relationships, you also have a habit of shining away from commitment when it feels like you’re being tied down. You worry that if you’re dating someone, you won’t have as much control over your life, that you won’t get to make all the decisions anymore. Here’s the thing: If they’re your soulmate, they’ll be just as ready for spontaneous adventures as you are. The right person will just fit, and you won’t even question whether you’ll commit. Now, more than ever, you’re ready to finally find them.

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This isn’t the first time you’ve felt like you’re ready for your soulmate. You’re one of the dreamiest signs of the zodiac, and often your daydreams are filled with elaborate fantasies of how you’ll meet the love of your life. The shift you’re going through is less about your willingness to find love and more about your newfound resistance toward people who don’t fit the definition of a soulmate. While you might have tried to make it work with people in the past, you’re a lot less likely to put up with incompatible people right now. Use this time to finally figure out what your soulmate will be like–and then go find them.

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