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3 Zodiacs Likely To Meet Their Soulmate On A Dating App

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Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder oh my! While a good portion of the zodiac may be still dreaming of romantic meet-cutes, there’s no denying the convenience of dating apps.

Whether you are too much of a homebody to ditch your sweatpants for the local bar (we’re looking at you Cancer), or you’d rather take your time to craft the perfect opening line, apps such as Bumble, Match, and Tinder let you take on the search for your soulmate right from your living room.

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Follow along to learn which 3 Zodiac signs are most likely to meet their soulmate on a dating app.


Ruled by the sun, warm and outgoing Leos will have no problem conversing with a potential soulmate via the screen. This naturally flirty fire sign sees the world as a veritable dating buffet and loves to show off their creative and theatrical side via photos. Picture a profile inundated with exotic vacation photos, cooking, and improv classes. Forget about stale pickup lines, as Leo partners exude confidence when it comes to navigating online dating. Thanks to their regal looks and adventurous pastimes, Leos will have their pick of the litter. The best thing about these kings and queens of the jungle? Leos aren’t big on beating around the bush. Once they set their sights on romance they will make their feelings known.

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Earthy and grounded, Tauruses have a well-earned reputation for loving the creature comforts of home. This makes the Bull particularly suited for cozy nights swiping on their couch. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is particularly drawn to luxury, pleasure, and sensuality. Dating apps let this steadfast and loyal Zodiac sign combine their search for a soulmate with some pampering. Find these old souls pursuing Bumble in their cashmere sweats with a glass of wine in hand. Taurus lovers make great partners as their dependable nature means they will always come through in a pinch. Linking up with a Taurus soulmate means lots of intimate movie nights coupled with sexy back rubs.


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Profiles so aesthetically pleasing they could have been plucked straight out of Pinterest? Check! Libra’s are naturally stylish, so it makes sense that these ethereal air signs would know a thing or two about cultivating an ideal Hinge profile. Oozing charm and charisma, Libra lovers have nailed the art of flirty texting. Known for an abundance of witty repartee, these balanced babes are also ruled by Venus. Inquire about their latest museum visit or high fashion purchase and watch them shine. Due to their desire for equilibrium in all areas of their life, Libras are drawn to the harmony of a relationship. They see dating platforms as a means for companionship, so with the right match, they could be coupled for life

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