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3 Zodiacs Getting Makeovers Before The Summer Heat Hits

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Alluring Venus, your planetary ruler, is in your sign as of April 29, 2024, Taurus. Its warm effects last until May 23, 2024. With the planet of beauty dancing through your appearance sector, you’re turning heads. A makeover is due. Your glow-up may be physical as you try new clothes, get a haircut, or sport a new look. However, it is definite that emotional, spiritual, and internal shifts are arriving.

Venus in Taurus emits a calm, cool, and collected aura. In this element, your idea of attractiveness is casual, laidback, and effortlessly cool. Relaxed clothing that fits your form, but doesn’t feel tight, claustrophobic, or unrealistic while on the go is the priority. Styling your hair or makeup in a way that gives natural beauty without uncomplicated routines serves you to feel your best every day. This makeover leaves you feeling prepared for a new appearance without overly complicated matters. You’re a busy Earth sign after all!

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? From May 23 to June 17, 2024, Venus resides in your sign, Gemini. Your individuality house is activated, bringing alluring energy to your self-expression. Popularity, sociability, and attention find you. As you undergo positive internal shifts, convey and share this positive inner change. What better way to do so than a makeover?

When Venus is in the realm of this dualistic Air sign, fashion choices are fluid. Gemini rules the Twins. Therefore, there will be two sides to your style. One day, you may lean into simple, basic aesthetics. Next, you may jump to the other extreme of full glam and dressing to the nines. To honor your mutable nature, embrace clothing that allows you to style in various ways. Haircuts and other major cosmetic decisions that allow flexibility in your look will feel most affirming.

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From June 17 to July 11, 2024, Venus will swim through the tides of Water sign Cancer. As the planet of love resides in your sign, beauty abounds. Your world asks you to seek confidence-boosting appearance shifts. Here comes the impulsive haircuts, beauty procedures, facials, and new aesthetic choices! Makeovers abound for Cancers across the world. Embrace the positive energy abounding in your Venusian matters: money, romance, and relationships. Lean into receptivity and save the hustling for another time. What’s yours will come naturally.

As Venus navigates the intuitive archetype of Cancer, it seeks classic bombshell beauty. Cancer is a reserved, traditional zodiac. The planet of love craves the tried and true looks here. Don’t force yourself out of your comfort zone. Stay true to the self-expression that has felt right to you, time and time again. Your favored clothing, haircut, makeup, or aesthetics are your favorite for a reason. Looking good is all about feeling good. Lean into authenticity and trust your intuition when getting ready for each day, event, and gathering

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