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3 Zodiacs Feeling Invisible On December 28

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There’s something so profound about being seen. It’s not so much about being noticed. That’s easy. That’s achieved when someone just says hi. But to be truly seen, that means that you’re understood and appreciated as you are. Without that kind of attention from the people around you, that’s when you start to feel invisible. While everyone goes through periods of invisibility, these three zodiac signs are especially going through it on December 28.

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A lot of assumptions get made about Aries. That they’re bold and confident and impulsive. There’s a nuance that gets lost in that characterization, though. Sure, Aries do have some natural confidence, but they still struggle with insecurity just like everyone else. They aren’t immune to bad moods or sad feelings. You’ll be feeling particularly invisible on December 28 because people don’t seem to notice that side of you. It certainly doesn’t help that you have trouble being vulnerable with people. But if you want to feel seen today, you might need to finally open up.

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Sometimes you feel like people use you for your empathy. You notice when they need help and are more than happy to provide that nurturing role they might not be getting elsewhere. Unfortunately, that draws people to you who would rather use your generosity than give that same energy back in return. It creates a paradox of emotions where you feel both seen and invisible at the same time. On December 28, it’ll feel like no one truly understands you. Remember to keep people around who appreciate you and to ditch the rest.

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You keep to yourself. You know this about you. You’re one of the least overtly emotional signs in the zodiac, preferring to keep your feelings to yourself. That means that sometimes your feelings get entirely overlooked in favor of the more outwardly emotional people in your life. It sometimes feels like you don’t even exist. On December 28, all the stronger personalities in your life are taking over, leaving you on the sidelines. If you don’t want to feel invisible anymore, make sure to seize the spotlight when you can.

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