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3 Zodiacs Entering Their Villain Era In Late 2023

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A villain era is all about putting yourself first. It’s about doing what makes sense for you and your life. It’s about quitting people-pleasing, asserting boundaries, and taking no shit. It’s about not caring what other people think. It’s about being a damn nuisance. Welcome to the dark side; it’s great here

Here are three zodiacs entering their villain era in late 2023.

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Well, let’s be honest; a Scorpio is pretty much always in their villain era but especially right now. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. They have a dark view of the world, are emotionally intense, and are deeply private. This makes Scorpio intimidating to most and tough to get to know. But that’s just how Scorpio likes it.

Scorpio doesn’t just let anyone in, people have to work to earn their trust. It is not a given. And this is exactly the theme of this season of Scorpio’s villain era: If someone wants Scorpio in their life, they have to prove it. Scorpio needs to see something to believe it and in 2023, they’ll be doubling down on this need.

Because Scorpios are highly intuitive, they can cut through someone’s bullshit with razor-sharp precision. They know when someone is being dishonest or has ill intent. But Scorpio won’t let someone know that they see right through them. They’ll keep it to themselves, storing the information for later, waiting to strike when the moment is just right. Don’t cross a Scorpio unless you want to get stung, as the ancient saying goes.

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Building an empire and not giving a damn about what you think about it, Capricorn is doubling down on their ambitious ways in 2023 and doing exactly what they want to do with their life. They are seeking to create an existence that feels like their own.

In 2023, Capricorn will be focused on removing the distractions of toxic relationships, one-sided friendships, and fake fans. This is because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of authenticity and honesty. For Capricorn to achieve their goal of an authentic life, they need to trim the B.S. This means cutting out the people they’ve long outgrown. Capricorn is done trying to impress anyone else but themselves.

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Cancer may be soft, sensitive, and nurturing at their core but that doesn’t mean they won’t stand their ground and stick up for themselves as necessary. This will be especially true in 2023 as Cancer enters their villain era.

In 2023, Cancer will be so over the games others play. Instead, Cancer will be all about matching the energy they receive. For example, if someone is cold to them, Cancer will be icy right back. Cancer isn’t about begging for decency anymore. They’re about demanding the respect they deserve and walking away if they aren’t treated the right way.

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