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3 Zodiacs Entering Their Phoenix Era On December 30

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There’s no waiting for the New Year for you. You’re starting the “New You” portion a bit early. On December 30, you’re entering your Phoenix era if you’re one of these three zodiac signs. A phase of negativity and loss is finally over and you’re rising from the ashes reborn anew. Your badass energy is here to stay and you’re more ready than ever to make all your dreams come true. Nothing’s going to stop you now.

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As one of the fieriest signs of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to Phoenix energy. Any time something goes wrong, you’re already ruffling your own feathers and getting ready for a transformation. That’s even more poignant today, on December 30, because this holiday season has been especially difficult for you. It’s like every decision you make has been the wrong one. When things are working out for the people around you, that hasn’t been the case for you. You’re so sick of this negative energy that you’re ready to start fresh, starting with a badass mood. “Nothing can hurt me”, you’ll say, and with that attitude you’re probably right.

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Unlike a lot of the signs of the zodiac, you do pretty well at bouncing back when things don’t go your way–at least on the surface, anyway. Deep down, you still hold onto a bit of those hurt feelings, letting them fester if you’re not careful. But on December 30, you’re ready to finally let go of all of the little things that have been weighing you down. Let them free and you’ll feel so much lighter, floating up from the fire that will turn you into a new and better version of yourself.

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While you’d like to think that you can handle anything that comes your way, you’re more often just running away from your problems. Lately though, your problems have been finding you no matter how far you run. Rather than letting them pull you down, facing them has been a rejuvenating and transformative experience. Now that you’re getting a look at how your life could be, use December 30 as the day that you’ll emerge from all this enlightenment a new and better you.

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