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3 Zodiacs Entering Their Granola Era This Summer

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As summer kicks off, these zodiac signs don’t want to leave any stone unturned (literally).


At the very start of summer (June 6th), a new moon enters Gemini; encouraging them to let go of what is holding them back. New moons signal fresh starts and with this in mind, Geminis are looking to reconnect with nature and uncover their truest desires. Nothing clears your mind like being immersed in the elements and this summer, Geminis are dead set on entering their granola era. Cheers to fresh beginnings, Gemini!

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With Saturn and Neptune going into retrograde in Pisces this summer, they are feeling majorly inspired to cut out what is no longer serving them. This summer, Pisces is on a quest to restore their calm and only invest in what fuels them moving forward. Nature helps to restore ones spirit and give them tranquility to think and be while deciding the right path. That’s why Pisceans are entering their granola era this summer; hiking, swimming, climbing all that they can to reconnect with themselves and Mother Earth.

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Scorpios have a tendency to self-sabotage and fall into a pit of their own destruction. This summer, they’ve decided to break those habits and start on a healing journey by entering their granola era. Instead of indulging in the excess that fuels them, they’re going to strip their life to the bare minimum and experience the natural beauty earth has to offer. Doing so will help them find who they truly are and push past their destructive habits of the past.

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