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3 Zodiacs Craving A Winter Hibernation On December 27

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It’s boxing day, the day after Christmas, and many people are finally getting a chance to breathe and relax after a hectic holiday season. While it’s not totally over, thanks to New Year’s Eve looming over us this weekend, that doesn’t change the fact that a rest is much-needed right now. For these three zodiac signs, December 27 especially marks a period of exhaustion that only a winter hibernation could fix.

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If you’re being honest, you never fully recovered from just how draining Thanksgiving was. You add in the drama and tasks involved in Christmas or Chanukah and you’ve got a recipe for a very tired Taurus. Now that it’s December 27, it feels like your mind and body are finally aligned into one central desire: To just say “heck no” to any more obligations and sleep the winter away. If you could take a month-long vacation where you just napped all day, ate snacks, and binge-watched comfort shows, you would. Alas, that kind of life is merely a pipe dream.

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While you might not want people in your life to know it, you’re sick of the holiday season. It’s so much work. While it’s nice to see all the smiling faces as friends and family enjoy your food and decorations, that doesn’t mean you aren’t thoroughly over it now that Christmas is over. As soon as the clock strikes midnight and it’s officially December 27, it’s like your brain has shifted and now you’re in hibernation mode. Knowing you, you probably still won’t actually listen to that part of your brain that insists you take a break. If only you could let yourself be “lazy,” at least for a little while.

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It isn’t so much the events and tasks required for a streamlined holiday season that’s got you wanting to hibernate. For you, it’s more the social drain that comes from being the emotional support system for so many people in your life. The holidays are a rough time for some, and they’ll come to you when they need to vent or have a shoulder to cry on. While you’re normally happy to do it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a toll. On December 27, you’ll have a strong desire to just retire to a cocoon of blankets in your bedroom and never return to civilization.

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