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3 Zodiacs Breaking Out Of Hustle Culture This Summer


Perpetually in motion, Gemini, the summer breeze welcomes a slower pace of life. As the most communicative sign, a love for sharing and gathering information guides your busy nature. This summer, a shift away from intellect inspires a deeper connection to the somatic qualities of this world. The result is an experience of knowledge that can only be found within the present. Staying grounded will become of higher priority as you find deeper and deeper meaning in reality’s subtle and effervescent layers.


Known for your sensitive nature, Cancer, embracing time with friends and family is calling your name. Patio dinners and intimate gatherings with those in your inner circle connect you to personal values and gifts. Whereas some seasons of life focus on ambitious goals and aspirations, this season is all about staying present and focusing on what feels good to your soul. While we live in a society that heavily prioritizes logic and intellect, learning and growth can happen equally in moments of embracing intuition and spontaneity. This is a lesson you know quite well.


Gentle and calming Pisces, the warmer weather inspires in you a more natural way of living. For you, time is less so the result of a linear function and moreso a multi-dimensional layer of experiences. Longer days and warmer nights invite you to stay present and actively engaged, not based on societal conventions, but from a place of deep tranquility. Naturally open-hearted and curious, you’ll feel grateful to share these timeless moments with others who feel equally as excited and ready to experience the beauty of life’s many unknowns.

3 Zodiacs Breaking Out Of Hustle Culture This Summer
3 Zodiacs Breaking Out Of Hustle Culture This Summer

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