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3 Zodiac Signs With The Strongest Connection To Their Intuition

Intuition is an innate sense of knowing. Intuition is being able to understand other people, events, and yourself with ease. Those “gut feelings” that end up seeing themselves through? That’s your intuition at work, guiding you through your life.

Some of us have a stronger connection to our intuition than others. As such, here are three zodiac signs with the strongest connection to their intuition.

1. Scorpio

You can’t talk about intuition without mentioning Scorpio. This water sign is deeply intuitive and can easily read any person or situation with unrivaled clarity and the utmost precision. Scorpio can detect dishonesty better than a lie detector. If Scorpio says they have a “bad feeling” about someone else, it’s in your best interest to believe them. Because there’s a 99.9% chance they are correct.

2. Cancer

Cancer is an emotional, nurturing zodiac sign who is very in-tune with their feelings and their instincts. This is because Cancer ruled by the moon, the celestial body that governs emotions and intuition. Not only is Cancer intimately aware of their own emotional state, they can feel those of others as well. Cancer is fluent in non-verbal communication and can always sense if someone they love is in need of extra care.

3. Pisces

Dreamy Pisces may seem like they have their head in the clouds, but this zodiac sign is deeply rooted and aware of themselves and the world around them. Without even trying to do so, Pisces picks up on the emotions of those around them, sensing the slightest shifts in energy and why there was a change in the first place. If you feel like a Pisces can read your mind, it’s probably because they can (and are).

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